Food Processing Laboratory
Food Processing Laboratory is designed to support studentsí activities related to food processing and food technology. Several topics that have been developed are as follows: Cereal, Fruit, Vegetable and Tuber-Based Processing Technology, Meat and Fish Processing Technology, Carbonated Beverages, Utilization of Marine and Agricultural Wastes, such as egg shells, crab shells and fish bones.

Quality Control Laboratory
Quality Control Laboratory is a systematic and integrated laboratory, and it is utilized to support activities that are closely-related to component analysis and quality parameters of food products.

Microbiology Laboratory
Microbiology Laboratory is designed to support studentsí activities related to biology and microbiology as a basis to develop research that is closely related to the utilization of microorganisms in food processing, such as the production of cider, yoghurt and kombucha.

Sensory Analysis Laboratory

Sensory Analysis Laboratory is designed to evaluate quality standards that are related to the human senses, such as taste, color, aroma and texture.

Research Laboratory

Research Laboratory is designed to provide the students with special instruments in their final research projects.