Henny Suhardiman (2004)
Being a student at Food Technology UPH was one of the most extraordinary experiences for me. All the staffs are very friendly, kind, and attentive, especially to someone like me who is hearing-impaired. They are helped me tremendously in taking the classes and in meeting the administrative requirements. The lecturers are strict to apprpriately discipline us the students in the Food Tech Dept.
During classes, we were often given assignments or quizzes that have help me a lot in understanding and remembering the materials. The labs are well equipped, the library has good literature collections and comfortable. All the facilities have supported my learning process at UPH. Besides learning on campus, we also did study tour and factory visits at different area in Indonesia. The experiences have improve our creativity and broaden our perspectives.
I choose Food Technology at UPH because my scholastic test showed that I would do well in this subject . I also saw that Food Tech alumni have had good career and bright future. Food Technology is a relatively newer study subject in Indonesia, it includes research activities and requires inovations. Globe Asia 2008 listed UPH as number one in top ten private universities in Indonesia.

Marliane Ciputra (2002)
Hmm... things come to mind when hearing Food Techis mentioned: the never ending lab reports, all the quizes, and the unforgettable friendships among us the students... our togetherness helped makin the journey easier.
All the assignments and demanding schedules have molded us to become tough individuals, ready to join the battle in workplace, independent with no quitters mentality.
During college years we learned what team work really means, it was how we united ideas from different perspectives, how to appreciate individualís uniqueness. All these things have helped me a lot entering the more diverse working enirontment. So, to sum it up, I cann say ďItís one of the most precious moments in my lifeĒ.

Eveline (2001)
I wontít never be able to forget of how I ended up choosing Food Tech for my first college degree education. At the begining, my choice was werely based on curiosity, Food Tech sounded unique compared to other subjects. Three and a half years I spend with ups and dows, but all the experiences are all usefull for me, especially for doing my current vocation. All the knowledge in Food Technology have become my friend at my current capacity in transfering the information to the students.
During my college time, I was molded as a student and a friend, to become a person who fear God, responsible, independent, and someone who can work in a team.
All that have prepared me to become a competent educator in our own departement in the university. As an alumni and a educator, I am dedicating myself for the development of science and technology in the Food Tech Dept at UPH. Itís my dream to establish a department that reflects love and the glory of God.

Imelda Tirtajaya (1999)
I started my undergraduate program in Food Technology Department in July 1999. At that time, food technology field was not as prominent as it is today. We only had 19 students in one class. (Compare it with more than 110 students the department has todayÖ!) One of the reasons why I chose UPH Food Technology Department is the fact that wherever we go and whatever happens, people will surely need food. And despite my interest in chemical and biological aspects of food, I am confident that developing a career in Food Technology field is promising.
Being a student at Food Technology Department for 4 years showed me what this department really is. And as I compared the curriculum with other Food Technology departments in other universities, I noticed that this department has a lot more to offer, especially related to its elective courses, which later on would be beneficial when the graduates decide to start making a career in food industries.
After I finally decided to return to my alma mater as a faculty member, I went abroad to get a higher degree in the US. Even so, I didnít find any trouble adjusting with graduate studies, which again convinced me that the knowledge I achieved in UPH Food Technology Department as an undergraduate student provided me with the understanding and the basics that I needed to enter graduate school. This experience convinced me again that I didnít make a wrong decision the first day I became an undergraduate student at Food Technology Department in UPH.

Rudy Kartono (1998)

The reason for choosing Food Tech for me was because the graduates have gained a reputation as sougth after by the current and future job market. I hoped that joining Food Tech UPH would help me in achieving my life goals.
I really enjoyed my years as a college student at UPH because I learned a lot of new and interesting things in Food Tech. I also learned not just how to work idependently but also how to work in a team. This skill is very applicable in the work place where Iím currently in, especially since the working environment nowadays prefer staffs who work well in a team.
I was one of the students in Food Tech UPH when the program run for only four years, yet I felt that the curriculum and the learning system was quite good. Even when the facilities were not as available as they are now, we are the students from the early years are able to compete in the work place. I can see now, that many improvements have been in place in the Dept, both physically and in the curriculum itself. Isnít it logical to think that the current and future graduates will even be more competitive and valuable? Bravo Food Tech UPH.