Programs Offered

Food Technology Department has two programs i.e. conducted in Indonesian and conducted in English (for the student passing the English standard). Both programs have the same curriculum and the total credits required for completing this program is 145 credits. For the class conducted in English, the students who are able to fulfill the academic standard will have an opportunity to take a dual degree program.

Dual degree program is a program designed together with the university partner in which the candidates who successfully complete the program either at UPH or at university partner will be granted a STP from UPH and Bachelor degree from the university partner. In this program, the students has to complete the equivalent of the first 2 years of UPH Undergraduate Degree Program at UPH, third year at the university partner and complete the final year at UPH. Different from the regular program either conducted in English or Indonesian, the total credits required for completing the dual degree program is 155 credits.