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Universitas Pelita Harapan
Food Technology Department


Food Technology is an expertise that covers the application of food science throughout the entire processing steps, starting from post harvest down to the production of edible food product. Food science itself is a field that applies the basics of biology, physics, chemistry and engineering in order to learn and to get a full understanding of the characteristics of food materials, the sources and causes of spoilage, and principles of food processing. Several aspects included in food technology are raw material handling, processing, preserving, storage and packaging, quality control and nutrition. Food Technology Department as one of an integral element of the Faculty of Industrial Technology at Universitas Pelita Harapan carry on in itself the duty and responsibility to develop the science and technology regarding to food chemistry and analysis, food microbiology and safety, food process engineering, food nutrition and applied food science. Three reasons why you should choose UPH Food Technology Department :

1. Prospect.
Food industries are always needed and will still develop despite any condition. Food Technology graduates have a good prospect in various numbers of sectors related to food industries.

2. A blend between science and practice.
Elective courses are conducted by experienced lecturers with strong backgrounds from food industries. These elective courses, combined with globally-standardized compulsory courses, are the major characteristic of UPH Food Technology Department.

3. Environment
UPH Food Technology Department offers a conducive environment to study, equipped with on line journal access and comfortable surroundings.